Custom Joomla & WordPress Plugins

NOTE: Please note that we are currently in the process of packaging and testing a number of Joomla and Wordpress extensions that we have created. Keep checking back here for more.

We design and develop custom Plugins for our clients and ourselves. Below you’ll find a collection of our commercial and open source plugins available for purchasing or free download.

Additionally, you’ll find information about the Plugins themselves such as how to get support, our future development plans and more.

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Development Services

We specialize in creating custom applications to fit your business or personal needs

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Web Hosting

Looking for somewhere to host or move your site? We have a large variety of different hosting solutions - from shared to dedicated server

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Desktop and Mobile

e-dimensionz, Inc has a large specialization base. We have developers who have advanced cross-platform mobile and desktop development skills.

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Need Exposure?

Having a hard time reaching  your target market or designing a social PR plan? We can help get you seen.

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